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Train Agents, Inc. is a TREC Approved Real Estate School Provider #0587


  • Continuing Education for Licensed Agents
  • State Approved courses
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To be eligible to apply for a real estate Broker License, an individual must furnish the Commission satisfactory evidence of successfully completing the following:

  1. At least four years of active experience in Texas as a licensed real estate salesperson or broker during the 60 month period immediately preceding the filing of the application;


    If licensed as a broker in another State, not less than four years of active experience as a licensed real estate salesperson or broker during the 60 month period immediately preceding the filing of the application.


    An applicant must demonstrate not less than 3600 points of qualifying practical experience obtained during four out of five years as required by §535.56(b) of the Rules of the Texas Real Estate Commission. One of the supplemental forms promulgated by the commission must be used:

    (1) To report qualifying experience with an application use TREC No. BL-A, Supplement A-Qualifying Experience Report for a Broker License.

    (2) To report qualifying experience after an application for a broker license is filed use TREC NO. BL-B, Supplement B-Qualifying Experience Report for a Broker License after an Application has been filed.

  2. 270 classroom hours of qualifying real estate courses.
    A 30-hour Real Estate Brokerage course must be completed as part of the 270 qualifying hours.

  3. An additional 630 classroom hours in related courses acceptable to the Commission. A bachelor's degree or higher from an accredited college or university satisfies all of the "related" education requirements for a brokers license. A copy of the college transcript awarding the degree must be submitted as evidence of completion of the degree.
  4. Education course completion documents must be submitted when the application is filed.

You may NOT repeat a course within a 24 month period.  If you have any questions regarding courses you should or should not take, please give us a call at 866-948-7246, etc. 702.

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TREC Approved Texas Real Estate School license #0587

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Texas Platinum 270 Hour Broker Package:

Everyone has a different requirement based on current hours awarded and time as an active salesperson so give us a call and we will help you determine exactly what you need. 866-948-7246*

• 60 Hour Texas Real Estate Principles
• 30 Hour Law of Contracts
• 30 Hour Law of Agency
• 30 Hour Finance
• 30 Hour Property Management
• 30 Hour Promulgated Contract Forms
• 30 Hour Managing A Brokerage
FREE Real Estate Math Supplement. You will learn math like a pro!
• BONUS-FREE PDF Download of most Courses
• FREE Personal Instructor via Phone, Email, or Live Chat
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*TREC will not award credit for any Texas Core course repeated within 2 years.  Please call us at 866-948-7246 ext 702 and let us help you determine exactly what courses you will need to complete to get a broker's license in Texas.  

All of our courses are 100% online. No tax, no shipping, no downloading and waiting. You can get started in 5 minutes.

Click the Enroll Now button above to get started. If you need further assistance, call 866-948-7246, send us an email, or Chat with an Enrollment Counselor.


Texas Principles I #121 and Principles II #122 Outline
1.History of Real Estate
2.Property Ownership Rights
4.Ownership of Real Property
5.Encumbrances & Interest in Real Property
6.Encumbrances & Easements
7.Government Encumbrances & Control
9.Passing on Real Property
10.Conveying Property
12.Legal Descriptions
13.Survey Systems
14.Lot & Block & Federal Lead Paint
15.Basics of Real Estate Math
16.Basic Math Calculations
17.Property Mathematics
18.Real Estate Finance
19.Lending Institutions
20.Types of Loans
21.Market Economics
22.Federal Acts
23.Financing Real Estate Purchases
24.Interest Mathematics
25.Mortgage Characteristics
26.Loan Performance & Foreclosures
27.Formation of a Loan
28.Additional Loan Characteristics
29.Anti-Trust Legislation
30.Property Appraisal
31.Appraisal Methods
32.Comparison Appraisal Method
33.Real Estate Rental Investing
34.Real Estate Investments
35.Real Estate Securities
36.Listing Agreements
37.Purchase & Sale Agreements
38.Closing a Purchase & Sale
39.Closing Statement
40.Recording Title
41.Establishing a Brokerage
42.Real Estate Brokerage
43.Law of Agency
44.Property Management
45.Section 92 of the Texas Statutes
46.Real Estate Specialization
47.Modern Real Estate Practice
48.Section 1101 of Texas Statutes
49.Texas Real Estate Commission
50.Texas Real Estate Commission Office
51.Powers and Duties
52.Public Interest Information and Complaint Procedures
53.Texas Real Estate Broker - Lawyer Committee
54.License Requirements
56.License Renewal
57.Certificate Requirement
58.Practice by a License Holder
59.Real Estate Recovery Trust Account
60.Prohibited Practices & Disciplinary Proceedings
61.Administrative Penalty
62.Other Penalties & Enforcement Provisions
63.Seller's Disclosure of Property Condition
64.Deceptive Trade Practices Act
65.Community Reinvestment Act
66.Professional Business Ethics

Texas Real Estate Finance Outline
1.Texas Real Estate Finance
2.Lending Institutions
3.Types of Loans
4.Market Economics
5.Federal Acts
6.Financing Real Estate Purchases
7.Interest Mathematics
8.Mortgage Characteristics
9.Loan Performance & Foreclosures
10.Formation of a Loan
11.Additional Loan Characteristics
12.Property Appraisal
13.Appraisal Methods
14.Comparison Appraisal Method
15.Real Estate Rental Investing
16.Real Estate Investments
17.Lending Laws
19.Types of Deeds
20.Types of Loans
21.Non-Governmental Loan Programs
22.CMAs and Valuation
23.Mathematical Calculations Used in Financing
24.Taxation and Financing

Texas Property Management Outline
1.What is Property Management?
2.Property Management Leases
3.Owner/Manager Relationship
4.Authority of Property Management
5.Owner Agreements
6.Statue of Frauds
7.Federal Discrimination Laws
8.Habitability Statute
9.Deceptive Trade Practices Act
10.Licensing of Brokers and Salespersons
11.Record Keeping
12.Client Trust Accounts
13.Management Motivation
14.Anti-Trust Legislation
15.Property Management Liability
16.Office Procedures Manual

Texas Real Estate Brokerage Outline
1.Starting the Business
2.Forming Your Business
4.Establishing an Office
5.Managing an Office
6.Brokerage Management
7.Brokerage Responsibilities
8.Brokerage Records
9.Brokerage Reports
10.Hiring Agents & Contracts
11.Brokerage Operation
12.Real Estate Agency Law
13.Agency Law
14.Anti-Trust Legislation
15.Competition in the Real Estate Industry
16.Non-Traditional Business Models
17.Internet's Role in Real Estate
18.Competition Among Brokers
19.Obstacles to More Robust Competition
20.Use of MLS Rules

Texas Law of Contracts #1251 Outline
1.Contract Basics
2.Basics of Real Estate Law
3.Introduction to Contracts
4.Encumbrances & Interest in Real Property
5.The Sales Contract
6.Listing Agreements
7.Lease Agreements
8.Financing Real Estate Purchases
9.Real Estate Finance
10.Loan Programs
11.Lending Institutions
12.Real Estate Market Economics
13.Federal Acts
14.The Closing Process
15.Closing Statement
16.Conveyance of Estates
17.Statutory Contract Forms
18.TREC Purchase and Sale Contract One to four Family Dwelling
19.TREC Statutory Forms
20.Other TREC Addendum's
21.TREC Addendum's for Back-up and Release
22.TREC Addendum's for Service and other Forms
23.Deceptive Trade Practices

Texas Law of Agency #1151 Outline
1.Agency Law
2.Creating Agency
3.Agency Disclosure
4.Daily Real Estate Practice & Listing Property
5.Working with Sellers
6.Working with Buyers
7.Negotiation and Sales Techniques
8.Section 1101 of Texas Statutes
9.Texas Real Estate Commission
10.Texas Real Estate Commission Office
11.Powers and Duties
12.Public Interest Information and Complaint Procedures
13.Texas Real Estate Broker - Lawyer Committee
14.License Requirements
15.License Renewal
16.Practice by a License Holder
17.Real Estate Recovery Trust Account
18.Prohibited Practices & Disciplinary Proceedings
19.Administrative Penalty
20.Other Penalties & Enforcement Provisions
21.Rules of the Texas Real Estate Commission
22.Employment Law
23.Deceptive Trade Practices

Real Estate Math Outline
1.Basics of Real Esate Math
2.Advanced Math
3.Property Mathematics
4.Government Survey Systems
5.Interest Mathematics
6.Real Estate Investing
7.Real Esate & Taxes
8.Mathematices of Investing
9.Mathematices of Investing REVIEW
10.Math for State Trust Accounts
11.Mathematics of Lender Loans
12.Escrow and Math
13.Closing Statement
14.Recording Title

Texas Managing a Real Estate Brokerage Outline
1.Starting the Business
2.Business Forms
3.Starting a Business
4.Purpose of the Business
5.Professional Business Ethics
6.Financing a Service Business
7.Lease Agreements
8.Office Design
9.Theories of Management
10.Human Resource
13.Fiscal Management
14.Managed Growth & Planning
15.Recruiting Agents
16.Levels of Management
17.Federal Fair Housing Laws & Audits
18.Staff Training
19.Anatomy of a Productive Office
20.Liability Insurance
21.Insuring A Business

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